Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Autism Spectrum Disorder DVD available from AutismLink

Rebecca Klaw, MsEd, nationally renowned speaker and author has comeout with a fabulous new DVD on Relationship Based Interventions forsmall children with autism. There are video clips of children withautism working with therapists so you can receive hands-on trainingof how to work with your child!!!This DVD is now available for a limited time in the AutismLink store: three-part presentation is designed for anyone who works withyoung children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The informationpresented is an eclectic blending of personal philosophy based on along history of working with individuals with ASD, Dr. StanleyGreenspan's work (Floortime), Dr. Richard Solomon's work (The PLAYProject), and Susan Sonders work (Giggletime). The information issupplemented by current and informative research. Rebecca Klaw addspertinent anecdotes from over 20 years of experience working in thefield of developmental disabilities and illustrates clinicaltechniques with interesting and informative video clips.Part 1:Why building relationships is so important in working with youngchildren with Autism Spectrum DisordersPart 2:Basic strategies for building relationships with young children withAutism Spectrum DisordersPart 3:Combining the basic strategies to create effective and therapeuticsocial routines for young children with Autism Spectrum DisordersCD-ROMContains downloadable slides and eight supplementary handoutsincluding Thought Provoking Research, Self-Stimulatory Behavior, (asseen through the eyes of a developmentalist), Engaging theHard-to-Engage Child, and more.Cost: $95.00 (Shipping is free)