Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New software tools for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Animated Speech Corporation (ASC), pioneering creator of software-based learning tools for children with autism and other language delays, will show its new suite of programs at Closing the Gap, Oct. 19-21, 2006, in Minneapolis.
The programs feature the inventive use of an engaging animated tutor, Timo, who provides children with a supportive, fun, and motivating environment to build vocabulary, listening comprehension, language, and story sequencing and retelling skills. The three Timo software programs, which run on Windows and Macintosh computers, work together or individually:
Timo's Lesson Creator lets parents, teachers and speech pathologists quickly and easily develop vocabulary lessons targeted to the individual needs of children with autism. Authors rapidly build lessons with any type of image, including 3,500 Mayer-Johnson's Picture Communication Symbols(TM).

Team Up With Timo: Vocabulary helps children learn and practice new vocabulary for K-4th grade curriculums and covers a range of subjects.
Team Up With Timo: Stories helps children practice their syntax, story comprehension, vocabulary and social thinking skills with six scaffolded stories and six activities.
The software series was developed by authorities in speech pathology, clinical speech therapy, developmental psychology, and vocabulary and reading pedagogy. The lesson system's unique proprietary technology centerpiece is exclusively licensed from the University of California and based on more than 20 years of research. Timo reads any text with accurate speech, and reveals how sounds are formed with precise face, lip and tongue movements.
"Children rely on both auditory and visual cues to learn new language. Our tutor has been shown to be extremely effective in helping children with autism learn to new vocabulary and language skills," said Dan Feshbach, co-founder of Animated Speech. "We're looking forward to getting our animated tutor into classrooms, clinics and homes, where it's needed the most."
About Animated Speech Corp.
ASC's mission is to create easy-to-use, customizable software that can be tailored to the highly individual needs of children with autism and other language delays. ASC was co-founded by University of California at Santa Cruz psychology professor, Dr. Dominic Massaro, and entrepreneur Dan Feshbach, whose son has autism.
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