Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Huge rise in Autism Spectrum Disorder linked mobile phone batteries?

LEADING scientist claims that a huge rise in autism in the UK is because of old mobile phone batteries.
Dr Richard Lathe, a molecular biologist, who specialises in research into autism and other brain disorders, says that metals found in the batteries are full of toxic metals which are not properly cleaned up.
Autistic children have been shown to have problems getting rid of toxic metals from their bodies, Dr Lathe said.
If the batteries are buried in landfill, the mercury in the batteries leaks out when it rains, and if they are burned it goes straight up into the atmosphere, he said.
He said that there is a rise in autism pointing to an environmental factor, with mercury and other toxic metals playing a crucial role.
Lathe surveyed hundreds of children in France and found that more than half those who were autistic were found to have a marker of heavy metal in their urine. He pointed to a study published last month showing a link between mercury release into the environment and autism rates in Texas