Sunday, November 20, 2005

Autism Spectrum Disorder software

Animated Speech Corporation (ASC), pioneering creators of software-based learning tools for children with speech and language impairments, has launched Team Up with Timo: Stories, the newest addition to their suite of software products designed to help children with autism and other language disorders develop language and communication skills.
Team Up with Timo: Stories is a computer-based intervention tool for use in speech pathology clinics, schools and at home. The program features the inventive use of an embedded animated tutor, Timo, who reads specially composed stories to and with students, using accurate speech patterns and precise face, lip and tongue movements.
The ability to understand and retell familiar stories is part of the foundation preschoolers and early readers need for later reading comprehension. The product combines storytelling with narrative-based language intervention (NBLI) techniques to help special needs students develop narrative, comprehension, vocabulary and thinking skills.
NBLI utilizes a naturalistic approach, combining uniquely composed stories with motivational skill-building activities within a colorfully designed CD-ROM addressing speech and language delays.
"The ability to tell or retell a story is a fundamental part of being able to communicate," said Dr. Scott Prevost, Animated Speech CEO. "Children can interact with Timo, learn key language skills and have fun at the same time. Timo is an invaluable aide in classrooms, clinics and at home."
Team Up with Timo: Stories was developed by speech pathology, clinical speech therapy and developmental psychology specialists. The technology is used extensively at the Tucker-Maxon Oral School in Portland, Oregon, where deaf children learn to talk, as well as at numerous schools for deaf and autistic children.
About Animated Speech Corp.
Animated Speech is a new company formed to bring speech and language-learning technology using 3D tutors to the special needs educational market. The company's mission is to create highly customizable software for children with autism and other speech, language and hearing impairments. ASC was co-founded by University of California at Santa Cruz psychology professor, Dr. Dominic Massaro, and entrepreneur Dan Feshbach, whose son has autism.
ASC is exhibiting in booth 227 at the American Speech Hearing Association National Conference at the San Diego Convention Center, November 18-20, 2005.
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