Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Autism Spectrum Disorder books

Many parents can tell you that it isvery difficult to answer the complex and often emotionally filled questionschildren pose about why their sister or brother -- or friend -- behaves acertain way. Marvie Ellis, a pediatric speech-language pathologist in Austin, Texas,saw a need to help families with this area of family connectedness andcommunication. In an unprecedented attempt as a first time author, she wrotetwo children's illustrated bilingual autism books with publisher, Speech KidsTexas Press, Inc. both receiving nominations for the 2006 Dolly GrayChildren's Developmental Disabilities Literature Award. "These stories are meant to open the doors of communication between theadult and the child. Autism is so prevalent in our schools and communities,that it is important to have books that are specifically written for children.Keisha's Doors: An Autism Story Book One & Tacos Anyone? An Autism Story BookTwo help explain typical autistic behaviors and offer suggestions in how achild and/or grown-up might better engage and interact with a child who hasautism," stated Marvie. "Thanks to Marvie's books, my daughter (age 7), and I have grown closerwith the talks that have followed reading them. They have opened upopportunities for the two of us to have some very frank and deep discussions... " stated Shelley Reynolds, President of the Unlocking Autism organization."She realized from reading these books that she needs to learn to take cuesfrom her older brother, and bend to fit his interests to engage him to playwith her. She is seeing the world a little more through his eyes ... " Keisha's Doors: An Autism Story Book One (ISBN 1-933319-00-3) $16.95 hardcover price Tacos Anyone? An Autism Story Book Two (ISBN 1-933319-02-X) $16.95 hardcover price Books available via publisher's website: