Sunday, September 04, 2005

Special Autism Spectrum Disorder press release from The National Autism Association (NAA)

Peg Pickering, the mother of anautistic child, has offered to provide emergency housing for families ofchildren with autism and other developmental disorders at Camp Yocona inToccopola, MS. The camp can accommodate up to 350 people in cabins that cansleep up to 8 people each. Each group of 4-5 cabins has a bathhouse. A largecommercial kitchen and dining hall is available and a volunteer will bestaffing the kitchen to prepare meals including gluten and casein free optionsfor children on restricted diets. "The camp will provide a healing environment for parents and childrenalike, offering a place of solace and shelter while the families regroup anddecide where to go from here," commented Pickering who is coordinating thiseffort. Volunteers are needed at evacuation sites to help identify children withautism and their families and let them know that assistance is available. According to NAA Executive Director Jo Pike, "Children with autism havevery special needs. A simple disruption in routine can be devastating tothem. We are calling on local authorities and relief organizations to help uslocate these families as quickly as possible. "Anyone with information on families of children with developmentaldisabilities needing shelter as a result of the hurricane and its aftermathare asked to contact the National Autism Association toll free at866-622-6733, or Peg Pickering at 662-488-9619. Tax-deductible donations to assist with this effort can be made online at Checks can be mailed to: First United Methodist Church of Pontotoc Good Samaritan Autism Fund P.O. Box 308 Pontotoc, MS 38863 In addition to monetary donations, the camp is in need of twin-size bedlinens, towels, washcloths, toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste, diapers,wipes, etc. Donations of these items can be shipped to: ASD KATRINA RESCUE C/O Peg Pickering 2901 Highway 9 South Pontotoc, MS 38863 Contact: Wendy Fournier, NAA (RI) 401-632-7523 Peg Pickering, (MS) 662-488-9619
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