Thursday, July 12, 2007

Very sad article about a wonderful angel with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Williamson County--It's been nearly a month since four-year-old Kedan Seagraves of Herrin drowned in a pond in his backyard.The parents of the young boy say his autism may have contributed to his death.Statistics show one in 150 children in America today has autism.Kedan's parents say there are a lot of families who could learn something from their child's death.It's a situation that could happen to any parent. Sandra and Greg Seagraves of Herrin say while they were distracted, their four-year-old son Kedan escaped from their home.Kedan was only missing five minutes before dad found him in the backyard pond. But it was too late he had drowned. Kedans parents say Kedan was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. Children with autism are marked by impaired social interaction, communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. His mother Sandra says Kedan had all of the typical traits. "He started spinning and turning, he quit talking, he wasn’t very verbal, as far as no fear goes, he wasn't afraid of anything, he didn't understand dangers."Living with a child who has autism has its challenges. Even eleven-year-old brother Jaden was aware of them. "We had to really care for him because lot's of things he didn't want, he only liked certain things so we had to be really careful and do what he wanted."The family says they will miss Kedan always. Mom is dedicated to keeping his memory alive. "Kedan was a very bright child, he had the biggest blue eyes you ever seen, he could melt your heart and he was a really good kid. Sandra also wants others to know about the tragedy. "There's a lot of people with ponds and with pools and there's even more people with autism and people don't think this could happen to them but it can and I don't want to see this happen to anyone else."The family claims they had no insurance coverage for Kedan and can’t afford his funeral expenses. Loved ones and friends are hosting a benefit to raise six thousand dollars on August 26th at Aces Catering in Herrin. There’s also a trust fund set up for Kedan at the Herrin Bank.All proceeds will go towards funeral cost.By: Staci BuntonTo learn more about Kedan and his life affected by autism click on the link below.
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