Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Autism Spectrum Disorder Magazine.

Evelyn Ain, a NY-based autism advocate and parent, is now touching the lives of families nationwide. Ms. Ain is taking her magazine, Spectrum: For Parents of Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, to a national circulation to provide families with a lifestyle publication specifically catering to their needs and the many challenges they face everyday.
After learning that her son was autistic at 15 months, Ms. Ain desperately searched for information regarding the disorder, but was frustrated by the limited material available to her and other families who shared the same special needs. It was this dissatisfaction that motivated the young mother to launch Long Island Spectrum and New York City Spectrum in 2004 as a means to fill the void of information available to families who have developmentally disabled children. After her success with the Long Island and NYC editions, Ms. Ain is now offering her magazine to families nationwide through a national edition, United Spectrum.
"The number of children born with autism is reaching epidemic proportions," said Ms. Ain. "National figures show the number of babies born autistic has increased to 1 in 166 births. The vital information we provide in Spectrum is something that should be shared with families, caregivers, educators and mental health professionals throughout the country, which is why we are introducing United Spectrum."
United Spectrum covers a wide range of topics pertaining to autism written by leading mental health and medical authorities. Among the articles published in the Long Island and New York City editions, many have included such provocative and timely topics as "The Friendly Skies?," which deals with the difficulties encountered by those traveling in the post-911 world and "Autism & the Athlete," which speaks to the need of engaging young people with autism in physical activity. The magazine also highlights celebrities including actor Anthony Edwards and NASCAR's Sadler brothers and has also included an interview with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who offered his vision on dealing with the growing national problem of autism.
Spectrum Magazine focuses on all facets of the autism community. Readership consists of parents, family members, medical professionals and educators. The cover price of the publication, which is published six times a year, is $5.99. For subscription information please visit: